Looking for an Affordable Flooring Option for Your Outdoor Living Space? Try Paving Stones

Looking for an Affordable Flooring Option for Your Outdoor Living Space? Try Paving Stones

If you’re thinking of adding some outdoor living space to your home but you aren’t quite sure about the best materials for the job, stone is always a great choice. Paving stones, especially, are the perfect blend of budget-friendly, beautiful, and functional. Here are some of the reasons to consider paving stones for your patio, outdoor kitchen, or tranquil garden escape flooring.

Affordable but Luxurious

Nothing says luxury like stone fixtures in your outdoor space. If you’ve already done some research, then you likely know just how expensive stone can be. Fortunately, paving stones are a bit different in that regard; they cost less than most other types of stone, but they can provide much the same aesthetic appeal. These flat stones offer you the opportunity to create your outdoor living space on a budget without sacrificing quality or beauty.

Unlimited Colors, Sizes, and Textures

Another excellent benefit associated with paving stones is the nearly unlimited selection. You can find them in various colors, including earthy blues, grays, reds, and browns, and some paving stones even have unique color mixes and patterns unlike anything else on the market. Paving stones also come in a variety of finishes and textures, so you can choose stones with a rough or smooth surface to suit your unique needs. Finally, you can choose between large, small, square, round, and even all-natural shapes and sizes to fully customize your home’s exterior. 

Paving Stones Outlast Concrete

Paving stones offer up significant durability when compared to other materials, and this is especially true of concrete. Though concrete is quite popular and can be mixed in various colors, there are some inherent risks. Concrete can crack if the ground shifts, and as the sun shines down over time, the colors (typically added during the mixing process) will undoubtedly fade. This is not the case with paving stones. What’s more, you can actually see the stones before they go in place, something that you cannot do with concrete. Finally, when it comes time for repairs, you cannot repair concrete without a visual “scar”. Paving stones can simply be replaced, and it looks like nothing ever happened.

A Smooth, Cool Walking Surface

Finally, no matter what sort of outdoor space you are considering, there is nothing quite like walking outside barefoot to truly get in touch with nature. Unfortunately, many materials can get quite hot, and others get slick with even the smallest hint of moisture. Paving stones are different because they tend to stay much cooler and smoother underfoot than other materials, all while still providing natural traction to protect you and your family against slips and falls.

A Solid Return on Your Investment

If you’re interested in driving up the value of your home with a minimal investment, it is hard to go wrong with paving stones. When you choose high quality materials and an experienced contractor to lay them, the aesthetic appeal skyrockets, as does the functionality of your outdoor space. Potential buyers will see the value in this, which can drive up the market value of your home substantially – even though you saved a great deal by picking paving stones over other, more expensive materials.

As you can see, paving stones are the perfect way to lay a floor for your outdoor space on a budget. Whether you’re creating a patio, a poolside retreat, or even a fully-functional outdoor kitchen, paving stones are affordable, beautiful, and completely customizable – and they’re practical, too.