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2016 Fireplace Trends

Design is a living and breathing entity that ebbs and flows over time. Some years, design trends modern, while other years, design incorporates a tradition or rustic look. Other years, trends meld both modern and traditional for a bold new appearance.

In 2016, tile is expected to be the “it” trend. Tile can be integrated around your fireplace, and your mantle piece, and can offer a unique look and feel to your home. And tile is strong enough to withstand the heat of your fireplace.

Tiles offer a wide range of options, from floral designs that are full of vibrant colors, to metallic tiles that exude luxury, and everything between.

Also expected to continue to be a popular fireplace trend is the more traditional stone, which can add a visual appeal to any style home — from classic to avant-garde. And stone is a sturdy and safe option for fireplaces.

Regardless of the design style you choose, accentuating your fireplace is key, and can be accomplished though adding tiles, painting the mantel a color different than the walls around it, or choosing stone to provide a visual and textural difference.

At MCP Chimney and Masonry, we have the skills and experience to build, inspect, and repair your stone chimney to ensure it’s operating efficiently and safely for you and your family. After all, efficiency and safety are always in style.

To learn more about the latest fireplace fashion trends, and for more information about our masonry repair, chimney liner installation or chimney sweep services, contact us today.

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