Aluminum Relining Pipe

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This is a pipe that is made of Aluminum material and is often used for lining a low-efficiency gas furnaces, or flues. These shouldn’t be substituted for durable stainless steel relining pipe, as they don’t produce enough heat, nor enough moisture.


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After combustible material is oxidized from being burned thouroughly, this is the solid residue that is left. This is the powdery residue that is left after the burning of a substance.

Ash Dump

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This is an opening that is located at the bottom of a fireplace. After ash has accumulated enough, you can then dump it from this opening, and into a container for means of disposal.

Ash Pit

Much like an Ash Dump – This is a chamber located in the base of a chimney. It collects the remnants of ash, and allows you to remove it in order to dispose of the ash.


This is an object that can be installed in an appliance, usually within a wood stove, or chimney, that will assist in changing the direction of airflow. It can also be used to retard airflow, various gases related to flue, or air fuel mixtures.


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If you need to force air under pressure, then a blower is a fan that you can use in order to achieve this.

Carbon Monoxide

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This is a byproduct of combustion not being complete. It is a colorless, odoreless, tasteless, and potentially fatal gas that is highly toxic.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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This is a condition that occurs after you inhale too much Carbon Monoxide. It is difficult to detect, and not irritating at first. For these reasons, it can be very dangerous.


A technique that is based around metal flue pipes, and used to simulate the structure of a chimney. It is often built using wood, or steel stud material, however brick or stone veneer, or wood siding can be used as well.


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A near vertical passageway, that’s main purpose is for transporting flue gases from an appliance within a household, and funneling it outside.

Chimney Cap

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Located at the top of a chimney – This is a covering that is used as housing, and it’s sole purpose is to try and prevent various elements from entering the chimney. It is commonly used to keep out animals, snow, rain, sleet, branches, etc.