Why Homeowners Love Flagstone Patios

Why Homeowners Love Flagstone Patios

Flagstone is a thin, flat slab of stone that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Though it is normally used for paving, savvy homeowners have found other unique ways to utilize flagstone in their outdoor designs – especially patios. Here are some of the major reasons why more homeowners than ever before are turning to flagstone in a variety of colors for their outdoor living spaces.

Flagstone Looks Natural

Flagstone has a relatively flat appearance when installed as a patio, and because of this, it looks far more natural than many other types of stones or even concrete. Homeowners also love that it comes in a variety of natural-looking, earthy colors. Blues and reds are common, but there are also some browns, grays, and even some greens available, as well. They boast a truly organic look that mixes well with both modern and rustic design styles, which makes them some of the most versatile stones available.

It’s Durable

Flagstone is inherently durable, which makes it perfect for a patio area that will be exposed to things like rain, hail, and freeze and thaw cycles. Though other materials may look just as nice as flagstone, they simply cannot hold up. Concrete slabs and bricks tend to crack when exposed to the elements, especially in high-traffic areas. Something else to consider is the repair possibilities; if a concrete patio cracks, it is difficult to repair. However, if a flagstone slab cracks, it can simply be replaced.

Outdoor Space Adds Value to Homes

Although there’s no doubt that an outdoor flagstone patio will be valuable to you, your family, and your friends, it can also add a significant amount of value to your home by simply extending your living space outdoors. Everyone – including potential buyers – enjoys a functional outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing. As long as the patio is attractive and well-built from quality materials, and because flagstone won’t fade due to its very nature, it can last a lifetime.

Flagstone is Practical

Today’s homeowners like things to be as practical as possible, so it’s hard to go wrong with flagstone in this regard. For homeowners with small children, flagstone’s natural slip-resistance is a huge benefit, so it’s perfect for poolside areas and in climates where dew and rain are common. Flagstone can also be quite affordable, especially when you consider that most comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s Low-Maintenance

Finally, if you’ve been considering a wood deck for entertaining, but you aren’t keen on the idea of the maintenance and upkeep that comes along with natural wood, flagstone is the perfect alternative. It requires absolutely no maintenance and it will retain its natural beauty for years to come. Homeowners only need to sweep it occasionally and perhaps pressure wash it once or twice each year to remove built-up grime or stains, but this is quick and easy.

Flagstone patios are growing in popularity nationwide thanks to the natural, beautiful look. Not only can it add to your home’s market value, but it will also become one of your favorite places to relax or entertain. It’s low-maintenance, durable, and practical – all the things that homeowners love most.