What to Consider When Converting to a Gas Fireplace

What to Consider When Converting to a Gas Fireplace

While many homeowners enjoy the crackling fire and the smell of a wood-burning unit, others appreciate the efficiency and the cleanliness of a gas fireplace insert.

A gas fireplace insert is a great alternative to a wood fireplace, minimizing the work or mess associated hauling wood and cleaning a fireplace. And a gas insert likely can be installed in your existing masonry fireplace.

If the idea of a gas fireplace appeals to you, the conversion of a traditional, wood fireplace to an efficient and clean gas unit has never been easier.

And a gas fireplace insert is up to 99 percent efficient, meaning the heat generated from the unit warms your home instead of the inside of a chimney. Furthermore, a gas fireplace insert can heat up to 3,000 square feet, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and décors — meaning there’s one right for you.

There’s a number of different factors when considering a gas fireplace insert, so do your homework. You’ll have to choose between the following types of inserts:

Vented — The safest and most efficient venting system is a direct vent, in which one pipe brings in fresh outdoor air to aid combustion, while a second pipe usher out the dangerous fumes.

Vent-free — Vent-free units can be installed anywhere because they don’t rely on venting. They are 99 percent efficient because the heat stays in the home, but so, too, do the combustion fumes. (Due to concerns about air quality, these units are finetuned to burn extremely clean.) These are great options if you want a fireplace in a room where a chimney doesn’t exist.

At MCP Chimney and Masonry, we can help you determine the best gas fireplace for your needs. After deciding what’s best for you, our skilled and experienced technicians can install your insert in as little as one day.

Lastly, if you already have a gas fireplace, we can service the chimney and adjust the burner, ensuring you have soot-free flames when using your fireplace.

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