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Water In Your Basement? Check Your Chimney

Chimney leaking water into basement?

For many homeowners, the connection between the highest point in your home — your chimney — and the lowest — your basement — isn’t always clear.

But a damaged chimney can have a dramatic and negative impact on your basement. A damaged chimney can allow water to seep into your basement, damaging your home.

There are several ways your chimney can contribute to water in your basement. One of the biggest culprits is damaged brick and mortar, which allows water to leak downward to the basement. Overtime, and without repair, broken and chipped brick and mortar worsens, allowing even more water to collect downstairs.

But there are other ways chimneys contribute to water in your basement, including:

  • Lacking a chimney cap, or the existing one is damaged. Chimney caps cover the opening to the chimney and prevent water — among other things — from entering the chimney. A properly installed and working chimney cap will help keep water out of your chimney, and basement.
  • Your chimney isn’t waterproofed. Sealing your chimney with a waterproofing agent will help prevent water from seeping into the porous brick and mortar and help keep your basement dry.
  • The chimney crown — vital to protecting your home — is damaged or was constructed with poor quality materials. Like a leaking chimney, a cracked or broken crown allows water into the home, causing damage if not quickly fixed.

If you find water in your basement and you suspect your chimney is to blame, contact MCP Chimney and Masonry.

We have the tools and knowledge to inspect your chimney and identify the source of any leaks. Furthermore, we have the experience to repair your chimney and stop further water damage to your home and basement.

In addition to repairing any leaks caused by your chimney, we offer a variety of other services that ensures your system is operating efficiently.

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Think you have a leaky chimney?

To schedule an inspection of your chimney to identify any leaks, contact us today.

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