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Five of the Latest Trends in Fireplace Technology

If you think a fireplace is just a cave in the wall where you build a woodburning fire, think again. Today’s technology allows for some impressive results, both aesthetically and functionally. Below, you will learn about some of the most exciting and beautiful trends in fireplace technology – including technologies that you can adopt for your own home and become the envy of the neighborhood.

#1 – Patio and Garden Fireplaces

Fireplaces in the home have been around for centuries, but one of the best and most invigorating trends of 2019 is the outdoor fireplace in the patio or garden. While traditional wood-burning fireplaces cannot be installed outdoors in many locations, gas fireplaces are a wonderful (and efficient!) alternative. Actual fireplaces are wonderful alternatives to fire pits, especially when they are small and safe enough to install on tabletops or in the middle of a seating area.

#2 – The Remote-Controlled Fireplace

There are several benefits associated with choosing a gas fireplace over its more traditional woodburning counterparts, but controlling the flow of gas remotely is one of the most exciting. These days, it is possible to use your smartphone (or a remote control) to adjust the flow of gas and, therefore, the size of the fire in a gas-powered fireplace. You can even start and stop the fire remotely, and depending on the model, you can adjust things like ambient light and temperature. A handful of fireplaces even integrate with Alexa!

#3 – Fireplaces Everywhere

Traditionally, fireplaces have been limited to living areas such as dens, family rooms, and living rooms. However, today it is not uncommon to find fireplaces in locations like the bathroom or the kitchen. Some of today’s most popular fireplaces are portable, which means you can take the fire and heat with you throughout multiple parts of your home as long as proper ventilation is available.

#4 – Ventless Fireplaces

If you want the heat and comfort of a fireplace without the expense associated with installing a flue or chimney system, a ventless fireplace is a phenomenal alternative. Not only are they more versatile than standard gas fireplaces, but because they use gas more efficiently without the vent, they will also save you money on fuel over time. These fireplaces give you access to numerous design ideas that may not otherwise be possible with traditional vented fireplaces, too.

#5 – Eco-Friendly Options

These days, more people than ever before are focused on the wellbeing of the planet, and that means woodburning fireplaces, as well as those that use natural gas, have come under some scrutiny. The best type of fireplace for the planet is an incredibly efficient gas model, and there are several from which to choose. Options include bio-ethanol fireplaces, liquid propane or natural gas logs, and even pellet stoves fed with pellets made from compressed scraps like sawdust, bark, agricultural waste, and other materials.

Though fire itself is arguably one of the most primitive technologies on earth, the technologies behind the fireplaces found in homes around the world are anything but primitive. From controlling the fire with Alexa or your smartphone, to entertaining guests beside a garden fireplace, these technologies have come a long way and will continue to travel even further in the coming years.

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