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Historic Home Fireplace Restoration

It’s likely, if you live in a historic home, that you have a fireplace — whether you know it or not.

As technology replaced antiquated fireplaces decades ago and as homeowners modernized their homes throughout the years, fireplaces became decommissioned, or unusable, or even buried between walls.

But a fireplace can add significant charm and value to a historic home and homeowners can bring these sometimes unsightly fireplaces back to life, making them as beautiful as ever.

There are however, things to consider if you’re thinking about renovating a historic fireplace, including:

The moving parts of a fireplace and chimney system: A professional fireplace and chimney cleaning service will inspect your chimney to ensure everything is working properly for a fire. Fireplaces that haven’t been used in years can pose serious threat if the flue, dampers or firebox are in disrepair. Make sure you have your entire system inspected before lighting a fire.

The integrity of the chimney: If your fireplace hasn’t been used in decades, it’s likely that your chimney has been neglected. MCP Chimney and Masonry has the expertise and knowledge to inspect your chimney and repair it if necessary.

The cleanliness of your chimney: If you chimney is sound structurally, it’s likely that the chimney would need cleaning, from dead leaves and branches, to animals using your chimney as their home, years of debris can clog your chimney. Debris can prevent toxic gases from leaving your home causing health issues for you and your family. MCP Chimney and Masonry can clean your chimney and make it fit for a fire.

MCP Chimney and Masonry can help you restore your historic fireplace into a beautiful centerpiece for your home. Not only do we have the experience and knowledge to inspect your system, but we can repair or replace any worn parts to help keep you safe.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can renovate your historic fireplace and add charm to your home.

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