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Considering a Woodstove for Your Home? 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Woodstoves bring back amazing memories of comfort and great food for many people, and because of this, it comes as no real surprise that woodstoves are becoming more popular in the Northeast with every passing year. If you are considering a wood stove for your home, it’s important to keep the following four pieces of information in mind so you can make the right decision for your unique needs.

#1 – It Might Cost More than You Expected

For many people, woodstoves are synonymous with cheap and effective heat. However, in today’s day and age of safety standards, installation should be handled by a professional. This can be costlier than you may have initially imagined, especially if that installation must include a new flue. The startup costs associated with woodstoves start at about $4000 and continues to rise based on your unique needs. This doesn’t include the cost of tools and wood, either. Be sure that you carefully evaluate the costs, so you aren’t faced with a surprise part of the way through the installation.

#2 – It Can be a Lot of Work

Though there’s nothing quite like the heat and ambiance provided by a wood stove, it doesn’t come easy, which means you’ll have to work at keeping the fire going. Cutting, splitting, and drying your own wood is far more cost-effective, but it’s a labor-intensive job. You can certainly buy wood by the cord, but this can cost $200 or more depending on where you live. Once you have your fire started, you will need to give it attention and probably add more wood every six to eight hours.

#3 – You’ll Need the Right Kind of Wood

Woodstoves require seasoned wood, which is wood that has been kiln-dried or otherwise kept in a dry location while the moisture wicks out and away. Hardwoods are preferred as they tend to burn longer and cleaner, and some of the best for woodstoves include maple (sugar and red, specifically), hickory, oak, and beech. These are readily available across much of the country. Each type of wood has its own unique BTU content, which means that some woods provide more heat than others. Keep this in mind when making your selection, too.

#3 – You Will Also Need Storage for All That Wood

Last, but most certainly not least, it is also imperative that you have ample storage for the cords of wood you will need to keep your woodstove nice and hot. If you’ll be seasoning wood on your own, a kiln is the best route, but you can also dry it by keeping it off the ground in a shed without sides or another structure that allows circulation. You can even build your own storage with 4x4s that have been weatherproofed but be careful about using plastic or other tarps. The wind and sun can damage them, resulting in rainwater-ruined stores.

Before you decide on a woodstove and make your first purchase, keep all these things in mind. Be sure to think about the total cost for buying and installing your woodstove, and don’t forget about the need for large amounts of wood – and a dry place to store it. Once you cover all these bases, you will be ready for your amazing woodstove and all the comforts it can bring.  

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