Homeowners Guide to Purchasing Chimney and Fireplace Supplies

Homeowners Guide to Purchasing Chimney and Fireplace Supplies

Like so many products in today’s markets, fireplace and chimney supplies can be purchased at a variety of stores — both brick and mortar retailers and online. Depending on the type of store you choose — from an online specialty site to a warehouse-like retailer — every shopping experience is different.

In addition to choosing the right retailer and shopping experience, other considerations can include quality of materials, durability, service and, of course, price.

Specialized Retailer: Online
There are a number of online stores that specialize in fireplace and chimney products selling everything you need for a comfortable and safe fire. These sites offer the advantage of having experts on hand to answer any questions and point you to the perfect product for your needs. Many specialty online stores also often have a large variety from which to choose.

Generic Retailer: Online
There are plenty of generic online retailers you can visit for your fireplace and chimney needs. Amazon is among the largest generic retailer now carrying fireplace and chimney supplies. (In fact, a quick search on Amazon.com of “fireplace and chimney supplies” yields more than 4,400 results.)  These sites — unlike the specialized online retailers — don’t have the expertise, so doing your homework is key to ensuring you order the right supplies.

Brick and Mortar Stores
Buying fireplace and chimney supplies from a local brick and mortar store has its benefits, including in-person customer service, flexible return policies, and the ability to take home the supplies immediately (no waiting for shipping). However, some retailers carry limited options due to demand, although many stores have the ability to special order items to fit your fireplace and chimney perfectly.

Chimney Sweeps Companies
Depending on the product and the required installation, your best option might be purchasing through a trusted chimney sweep. Professional chimney sweep companies are often one of the best resources to ensure you’re getting the right product for your fireplace and chimney. Chimney sweeps expertise and installation experience means you’ll get the right supplies installed correctly to last for years.

MCP Chimney and Masonry has the necessary experience and will answer any questions you have — whether it’s about the right chimney liner or the most modern log-holders. Additionally, we can clean and inspect your chimney to ensure everything is working as needed.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you get the right supplies for your fireplace and chimney, contact us today.