Saving Money with an Efficient Fireplace

Saving Money with an Efficient Fireplace

With proper maintenance and upkeep, your fireplace will operate efficiently for years, providing warmth on cold winter days and nights, offsetting the high cost of heating bills.

And not only does proper maintenance keep your fireplace operating efficiently, but it helps reduce fireplace repairs in the near and far future.

While there are a number of fireplace tips available from a number of different sources, we’ve identified several tips to help you maximize the heat — and savings — while using a fireplace.

So, if you’re wondering how to save money around the house this winter, follow these fireplace tips to ensure a warm home and reduced energy bills:

  • Keep the fireplace damper closed when not using a fireplace. While it seems like common sense, a lot of homeowners forget to close the damper after burning a fire, allowing cold air to enter the home through the chimney. The cold air that enters the home in this manner can quickly offset the saving created by burning a fire and not using your furnace.
  • Install a flue liner to insulate your chimney, keeping it operating efficiently, maximizing your savings. Creosote, a toxic by-product of burning, can adhere to the inside of your chimney, reducing efficiency. A flue liner will help protect masonry from creosote, and reduce the need for extensive, and expensive, chimney repairs in the future.
  • Install tempered glass doors to the front of your fireplace. This will help keep family and friends safe from potentially flying embers. For best results, also install an air-exchange system to blow warm air into the living space so you can keep the doors closed and still have a warm and efficient fire.
  • Use ceiling fans to help circulate the warm air emitted from the fire. Most fans have a backward setting that allows fans to pull heat upward and circulate throughout the room. This will more evenly spread the warmth, making the room feel warm beyond the fireplace.
  • Make sure the seals around your fireplace flue damper are tight. If there are leaks, you are likely allowing cold winter air into your home, requiring your furnace to kick in more often to warm the space.

In addition to the above fireplace tips, make sure you have your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year — even if you seldom use the system. A thorough cleaning and inspection will ensure an efficient burn and will identify any potential issues that are costing you money and would require any repairs.

At MCP Chimney and Masonry, we excel at Damascus chimney repair and cleaning. We have the tools and knowledge and get the job done right, and we can provide fireplace tips on how to save money around the house using your fireplace.

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