Fireplace Facelift

Fireplace Facelift

Remodeling your fireplace to keep up with home fashion trends can be a costly endeavor. But there are many ways to update your fireplace for far less than the cost of a complete remodel.

Making other changes around and within your fireplace can make it feel like new again, and it will cost a faction of the price of a wholesale change over.

Here are a few easy and budget-friendly changes you can make now that will freshen the look and feel of your fireplace:

Replace the mantel: A focal point of your fireplace and chimney, a new mantel can give your fireplace and chimney new life. It can modernize the entire space with minimal cost and little effort. And mantle designs are plentiful, leaving you with endless options for your new piece.

Update the fireback: The fireback plays a key role in the operation of your fireplace. It holds in intense heat to provide warmth long after the fire burns out, and are available in a huge variety of designs — from classic to contemporary — that can beautify your fireplace and impact the room.

Replace the pieces around the fireplace: Updating your fireplace and chimney doesn’t mean you have to make a change to either of those components. Instead, change the scenery: paint the surrounding walls, add a hearth rug or use other decorative accessories. By drawing attention away from your unsightly fireplace and chimney, the entire room will feel more appealing.

At MCP Chimney, we can offer a number of ideas to update your fireplace and chimney, from suggesting new firebacks to installing a whole new fireplace. We also offer other services like chimney cleaning and chimney crown repair to ensure your existing fireplace and chimney operate safely and efficiently.

Contact us today to learn more about how to beautify an old or unsightly fireplace.