Install a Chimney Liner to Protect Your Home

Install a Chimney Liner to Protect Your Home

Installing a chimney liner — if you don’t have one currently or yours is found to be damaged — is necessary to enhance safety by keeping high heat from combustibles and more.

From a stainless-steel flue liner to clay tiles, a chimney liner increases efficiency by reducing the amount of creosote build-up in the chimney. (Excessive creosote build-up can reduce airflow through the chimney, reducing efficiency. Creosote also can catch fire in intense heat and quickly spread through your home.)

Installing a chimney liner also protects the masonry surrounding the fireplace and chimney, reducing the need for chimney or fireplace repair. A liner keeps hazardous gases from deteriorating the brickwork, which eventually can lead to dangerous gases seeping into the living space, putting friends and family at risk.

In addition to protecting masonry and keeping heat from combustibles, installing a chimney liner will generate adequate airflow to a fireplace to help properly fuel the fire — providing a clean and efficient burn.

If you’re considering a new chimney liner, there are three types:

  • Clay tiles are the most common type of liners for masonry chimneys. Clay tiles are readily available, inexpensive and perform well for properly maintained fireplaces.
  • Metal chimney liners are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum and are primarily used to upgrade to repair existing chimneys. While metal liners are often more expensive than clay, they are safe and extremely durable.
  • Cast-in-place chimney liners provide a smooth and seamless liner, but, because the cement-like product lines the inside of the chimney, installation can be more difficult and more-costly than the other options.

Regardless, when compared to the price of an extensive chimney or fireplace repair — which can include completely rebuilding the structure due to deterioration — chimney liner installation cost is more economical.

At MCP Chimney and Masonry, we can assist you with Damascus chimney liner installation to help protect your chimney and fireplace. To learn more about the importance of installing a chimney liner, contact us today.