How to Cheer Up the Look of Your Fireplace During the Summer

How to Cheer Up the Look of Your Fireplace During the Summer

During the winter months your fireplace probably gets a lot of use – regardless of whether it is used indoors or outdoors. With this use comes a cheery, festive look. A crackling fire nestled into a rustic, functioning fireplace is a relaxing site. When the holidays roll around it is festooned with lights, stockings, cornucopias, and many more items.

When summer comes that cheer often disappears into a cold, empty space devoid of light or decorations. But it does not have to be this way! There are plenty of things you could do to cheer up the appearance of your fireplace during the warmer months when burning fire is not necessary. Below we list just a few ideas.

Cover with A Painting or Curtain

As long as you are not using the fireplace, you could cover it with a brightly colored painting or curtain. This adds both style and color to an area which would otherwise by nothing more than a dark, cold hole in the wall. Choose something which matches the décor of the room your fireplace is in and be sure to clean the interior prior to placing anything outside. Otherwise you will have an enormous, hard to clean mess come winter.

Stack Cut Firewood Inside

This idea keeps with the idea of a fireplace. You can stack dried, cut firewood inside which keeps a rustic, used feeling to the fireplace. It also serves the useful purpose of a storage place free of both dampness and bugs until you need it. Another bonus? You will not need to drag that first load of fireplace inside once the cold weather hits.

Fake It

During the warmer months you can purchase a fake burning fire log that gives off only light and no heat. Some fake fire logs even make crackling noises like real wood. This makes it appear as though your fireplace is still in use. Festoon the mantle and surrounding area with appropriate decorations, based on the season.

Holiday Central

A final thought is that you could use the area to decorate for each holiday throughout the year. There is always one right around the corner, albeit some of them are kind of small – and most are not ever decorated for. But decorating the area can help you get into the holiday spirit all year – not just for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve.

A few ideas for some holidays:

  • Decorate with hearts, cupids, and pink lights for Valentine’s Day.
  • Make paper Easter eggs for the top and sides of the mantle for Easter. Brightly colored lights are also a great idea. For a more religious feel you can incorporate crosses.
  • Use red, white, and blue lights for Independence Day, and place small handheld flags along the top of the mantle.
  • Use fake cobwebs, blinking yellow lights, and your scariest fake monsters for Halloween. Throw a witch’s cauldron on the inside alongside a delicious smelling cinnamon broom!