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Cleaning Your Own Chimney Among Worst Tips

While the internet has become a wonderful tool in many respects, the World Wide Web can often mislead consumers, giving them bad advice when it comes to chimney maintenance.

We see firsthand the frustrations of homeowners who have received bad chimney maintenance tips, leading often to increased chimney repair costs due to damaged fireplaces or chimneys.

One of the pieces of advice homeowners often buy into is that they can adequately and thoroughly clean and inspect their own chimney, and make sound decisions about the health of their system.

While some homeowners are savvy and recognize deteriorating chimneys, most don’t have the knowledge, tools, or expertise to fully diagnose and clean a chimney in a way that ensures safety and efficiency.

Here are five reasons you should hire a chimney sweep and leave chimney maintenance to the professionals:

  • Chimney sweep companies can make sure all of the dangerous creosote is removed from the chimney. If you try to tackle the cleaning yourself, you’re left guessing whether you adequately cleaned the chimney or if there is still a threat.
  • Professionals chimney companies use specialized tools to ensure a clean chimney and a thoroughly inspected structure.
  • Because chimney sweeps know the business, they can complete the work much faster than you can, saving you hours of time.
  • Chimney cleaning companies will minimize any mess and clean up after their work using specialized vacuums, leaving your home as clean as it was before the appointment.
  • Chimney cleaning requires roof access and having a chimney sweep do the work means you can stay planted safely on the ground, leaving the work to those more comfortable on your roof.

Chimney maintenance can be tricky, but having a chimney professional complete the work will save you time. A thorough inspection by a chimney sweep also could help reduce future chimney repair cost.

Be wary of online chimney maintenance tips that sound too easy. For chimney maintenance information, contact us today.

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