Affordable Brick Types You Can Use on Your New Custom Walkways

Affordable Brick Types You Can Use on Your New Custom Walkways

When helping decide the design of your new custom walkways one of the things you must decide on is what type of material will be used. There are several generalized options available. These include flagstone, paving stones, stamped concrete, or brick.

Brick is one of the most traditional materials to be used and offers a quaint, historic feel to your yard. Many people choose brick, but when they choose this they are unaware that there are a variety of brick types they may then choose from.

Below we look at a few of the most common, affordable brick types you can use on your new custom walkways. Each comes with its own set of unique benefits and cost bracket.

Burnt Clay Bricks

These are the most common type of brick used in masonry work and are the oldest form. When you think of common red brick, you are thinking of those created from burnt clay. These are formed by pressing clay into molds, which are then dried out and fired in a special kiln.

Although these bricks do not have any special aesthetic appeal outside of the general brick appearance, they are quite sturdy. They are also the most cost-effective form of brick for projects like walkways or walls.

Sand Lime Bricks

These are created by mixing sand together with fly ash and lime. They then undergo a special chemical process during the wet mixing stage. Finally, the mixture is pressed into molds which form the brick. Instead of having a red coloring these bricks come out gray.

Sand lime bricks are stronger than burnt clay and as such, they have the potential to bear a higher weight load. They also tend to be more uniform in shape and size, with a smoother natural finish.

Concrete Bricks

These are a popular modern choice, and – as the name suggests – these bricks are crafted from solid concrete. The color can be almost anything the homeowner wishes, as pigment is added during the manufacturing process.

Concrete bricks are very sturdy, although they do have a slight tendency towards cracking over long periods. When used for your new walkways these bricks can also be stamped or printed to create a design of your choosing.

Tips for Choosing A Brick Type

To decide which of these common, affordable brick types are best for your project, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I have a color preference? If you are seeking traditional red, go with burnt clay. Gray go with sand lime. Any other color is best suited for concrete.
  • What type of weight capacity do I need? The lowest weight capacity is burnt clay, while the highest is concrete.
  • Which does my chosen contractor offer? Obviously, you will need to make a choice based on the materials your contractor works with.
  • Do I prefer the aesthetics of one over the other?
  • Does one type of brick appear to be better suited towards the exterior design of my home?