Wood burning inserts

A woodstove is a great addition to any home. They provide a cost effective heat source, ambiance, and the freedom of knowing you don’t have to pay the oil, electric or gas companies to keep your family warm. An insert is installed within an existing masonry or prefabricated fireplace, and a stainless steel flex liner is installed within the entire length of the chimney. The liner is sealed at the very top of the chimney and at the bottom is connected securely to the insert. In the past many people have installed stoves with no liner; just using the existing fireplace venting for the stove. This is unsafe and an unwise decision, as it has many drawbacks. For one thing, the vent required for your stove will be smaller than the vent that your fireplace uses, and this will cause very inefficient burning of the stove. You will also have excessive creosote build-up which is a tar like substance that is very flammable and can be extremely difficult to deal with when it has been left unchecked. The sooty fireplace smell that often occurs can also be largely eliminated with the proper installation of a liner.