Olney, MD 20832-2130

April 20, 2015

MCP Chimney & Masonry, Inc.

20830 Ridge Road

Damascus, MD 20872

Attn: Mr. Michael C. Pentifallo

Dear Mr. Pentifallo:

This past week, I contacted MCP regarding a solar-powered attic fan which was making noticeable squeaking noises, something quite unlike its usual quiet performance since being installed by MCP in 2006. 1 phoned MCP, was greeted cheerfully by Crystal, I stated my problem, and it was “off to the races from there”. Crystal gave me a dateand time for staff to stop by and inspect the fan, which they (Brandon and Bryan) did, lubricated the fan, and completed the service call with dispatch.

By chance, during the fan noise remediation, I learned that MCP offers a host of services, one of which attracted my attention: stone and masonry repair. In 2007, I had a paver driveway installed to replace an age-worn blacktop and concrete driveway. The paver installation was satisfactory, but left a drainage problem at the head of the driveway, where the slope of the payers was such that rainfall and melting snow would pool near a sub-ground drain receptacle, causing a walking hazard in winter owing to the water freezing to ice. The accompanying photographs show the nature of the problem, the payers installation, and subsequent drainage remediation efforts following paver installation, with the drainage problem still unsolved.

Brandon and I revieied the drainage problem at the end of our driveway, and his suggestions for a solution,

and he also discussed the process of power-washing the payers to remove plant material and soil, and filling the fissures with polymeric sand, which project my wife and I agreed to, and the job was underway.

From the first contact with Crystal by telephone, and a subsequent phone call from her to refine the time

schedule to completion of the job yscter-d we were very impressed by the MCP staff on-site, their work ethic, thequality of the work they did, and the efforts they made to insure an excellent job. We would have no hesitation in recommending your organization to other friends and neighbors.

During the process, I watched the solution which Brandon) Jaime, and colleagues worked to relieve the faultydrainage problem, observing how carefully they considered and modified the driveway grade to insure proper drainage, and their careful modification of the existing catch basin to the installed underground drain pipes to affect this better drainage. These men merit our high praise for their quality workmanship, which speaks to the deserved excellent reputation your firm has earned by its attention to customer satisfaction”.

We’ll be pleased to recommend MCP, its staff, and its services. Please relay our thanks to the crew who

worked to produce the excellent results shown in the photographs on pages 3 and 4 of the enclosure.

Thank you and best wishes,

Don & Anna Barbara Wittig /


3/2712015 Pooling despite drainage remediation




Winter— more pooling, eventual fall hazard potential when ice forms




Red Color Line = approximate area of paver and turf regrading
Blue Color Line = modified catch basin




Modified catch basin




3/26/2009 Pooling despite drainage remediation




121312007—Old blacktop & concrete driveway




12/21/2007 Installation of Payers — Systems Payers




2/28/2008 Drainage remediation — catch basin




1/14/2008 Completed Driveway with payers




8/9/2008 Drainag’ remediation catch basin




8/9/2008 Drainage remediation catch basin




Overview photograph of completed driveway projects performed by MCP , 416-17/2015