Spring Cleaning Your Chimney

Springtime offers homeowners a great opportunity to thoroughly clean their homes to freshen them for summer and to remove stale, winter air.

Many homeowners take the time to scrub floors and wash windows, but too many neglect the one thing that can produce a sour odor in their homes throughout the summer as temperatures rise: the chimney.

There are several benefits to having your chimney cleaned and inspected in the spring by a professional chimney sweep services company. These benefits include:

  • Identifying anything that might need fixing after a winter full of use. Because chimneys are exposed to high heat on the inside and cold weather on the outside, the structure deteriorates over time. Add the freeze-thaw cycles and the cracks can quickly get out of hand. A spring chimney cleaning and inspection by a chimney cleaning service will help identify any issues before it’s too late.
  • Cleaning out any hazardous creosote that formed during fires in the cold weather months. Creosote is the tar-like substance that adheres to the inside of your chimney that can catch on fire in intense heat. Furthermore, creosote can produce a sour smell in the hot summer that can spread throughout your home. A thorough spring chimney cleaning can prevent that odor.
  • Discovering any deterioration to your metal chimney liner. Moisture from melting snow and rain can often find its way into your chimney — especially if you don’t have a chimney cap installed — and corrode your metal chimney liner. Over time, it can rust through, causing problems when you want to burn that first fire of the season next fall.

MCP Chimney provides chimney cleaning services that can rectify all of these issue, from deteriorating chimney or chimney lining, to removing dangerous creosote that can leave a annoying odor in your home.

When spring cleaning this year, consider your chimney in order to mitigate any issues that could arise next fall. To learn more about our services, contact us today.