Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance

Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance

As we head into spring and summer, the desire to use your outdoor fireplace is likely rising like the temperatures. But before you light the match, (or, if you have a gas unit, flick the switch) there is some maintenance that should be performed to ensure a safe, efficient and comfortable burn.

An outdoor fireplace provides great atmosphere to your home, and is a great place for friends and family to gather on cool nights. But because it’s outside, your fireplace is subjected to harsh weather that can result in cracking and crumbling.

To make sure your outdoor fireplace is safe and ready to use, consult a professional chimney cleaning services like MCP Chimney and Masonry to ensure the fireplace is cleaned and maintained properly. Whether you have a wood-burning unit or gas, professional maintenance is recommended once a year, or twice a year if used year round.

A professional chimney sweep company will:

  • Remove from the chimney hazardous creosote, the tar-like substance that adheres to the inside of chimney and can catch fire in intense heat.
  • Get rid of any debris from the chimney and firebox. Outdoor fireplaces are subjected to leaves, branches, nests and more, all of which should be removed before starting a fire. This debris can cause blockages in the chimney that could prevent smoke from properly venting from the chimney.
  • Inspect your structure to ensure its sound. Over time, your brick or stone fireplace and chimney will deteriorate due to weather and the settling ground below. Cracks and settling can result in a crumbling structure. A professional chimney cleaning company can inspect your fireplace and chimney and recommend any repairs needed before use.

MCP Chimney and Masonry can help clean and prepare your outdoor fireplace for spring and summer use. We will thoroughly clean and inspect the entire unit — inside and out — to make sure its provides years of enjoyable, comfortable fires.

To learn more about our chimney cleaning services or to schedule your outdoor fireplace cleaning, contact us today.