The Future of Fireplace Design

The Future of Fireplace Design

Like the design of many products, fireplace design is constantly evolving to meet the needs of homeowners wanting the latest options to beautify and modernize their homes.

There are several trends that are gaining traction and at the forefront of fireplace design. With a wide variety of modern fireplace options available, the following are among the most popular, now and into the future:

  • Raised fireplaces: Many homeowners are opting for raised fireplaces opposed to the standard floor height. Raised fireplaces can draw attention in rooms you typically don’t find fireplaces, like bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens. This futuristic design is sure to catch the eye of your guests, while providing heat to your home.
  • Outdoor fireplaces: For homes that don’t have the inside space to install a fireplace, an outdoor fireplace is a great alternative that offers several benefits, including increased home value. Additionally, outdoor fireplaces can keep away pests like mosquitoes, creating a comfortable outdoor environment on cool summer nights.
  • Glass framing: Manufacturers have developed all-glass front fireplaces, removing the traditional metal trim, giving the fireplace a sleek design that’s attractive to homeowners who want an ultra-modern fireplace to match their ultra-modern home.

While the above ideas are great options to consider, keep in mind that your fireplace style should match the current decor of your home. At MCP Chimney and Masonry, we can help you choose the right fireplace design for your home. Furthermore, we have the expertise and knowledge to install the fireplace of your choice — inside or out.

Besides installing fireplaces, we also can thoroughly clean and inspect your existing chimney and fireplace to ensure they operate at peak performance. Summer is the best time to clean your chimney to identify any potential hazards before you burn your first, fall fire.

For more information on futuristic fireplace trends or to have your chimney inspected, contact us today.