Ensure your Flue is Efficient, Safe

Ensure your Flue is Efficient, Safe

The flue liner is an integral part of your chimney. Not only does it help regulate airflow to the fire — resulting in efficient, warm fires — it serves as a vent that ushers out toxic gases from the home, keeping you and your family safe.

Because flues play such an important role in the efficiency and safety of your fire system, it’s imperative that your chimney liner be inspected at least annually to ensure its doing its job. Flues should be inspected only after a thorough cleaning to make sure creosote or other baked-on residue doesn’t inhibit inspection. Chimney professionals have the tools and the knowledge to clean your chimney and inspect its liner to determine whether your flue needs replacing.

At MCP Chimney and Masonry Inc., your safety is our No. 1 concern. Our expert technicians will clean and inspect your chimney inside and out and look for signs of a damaged flue. We will recommend you replace your chimney liner if:

  • The flue liner is old and has weakened
  • A fire as occurred in the chimney that damaged its liner
  • The flue is damaged or cracked
  • The existing chimney liner has been improperly installed
  • The flue has been damaged due to foundation settling
  • The chimney liner is too small or too large for the chimney
  • The chimney has been struck by lightning

If you have any reason to suspect your flue needs replacing, contact us immediately and we will clean and inspect your chimney and flue to ensure it’s properly venting noxious gases and contributing to warm and efficient fires.