Choosing the Best Cap for Your Chimney

Choosing the Best Cap for Your Chimney

Your chimney cap — if you have one (and you should!) — is an unsung hero within your fireplace and chimney system.

Chimney caps protect the interior of your structure by keeping out water and moisture, as well as any unwanted animals or pests. Furthermore, chimney caps keep leaves and other debris out of your chimney, reducing the threat of a chimney fire that could quickly spread to the rest of your home.

But, if you don’t have a chimney cap, or yours is broken and battered beyond repair, there are several considerations needed to make sure you get the right one, with the right fit to be the most effective.

  • Consider a steel or copper chimney cap, as these often include a lifetime warranty. This will protect your chimney, and investment, should the cap fail in any way in the future.
  • If your home has two or more rectangle or square flues, think about whether you would like the flues covered separately or with one, large cap protecting them all.
  • Consider whether you prefer a chimney cap that connects to an individual flue or one that connects to the chimney crown. Chimney caps that attach to individual flues will protect the interior of the chimney, but a cap that connects to the crown can also help deflect water and debris away from the entire structure.
  • If your chimney includes concentric pipes in the flues, install a cap designed for air-cooled flues. These caps will help circulate air throughout the chimney, preventing overheating.
  • If smoke fills your living space while burning, consider a chimney cap that includes a fan to help draw out smoke.

MCP Chimney and Masonry can help you determine the best chimney cap for your home and chimney. We also provide expert installation so your chimney cap can be effective in warding off pests, water and debris, all of which can create bigger problems in the future.

For more information on chimney caps and what might be right for you, contact us today.