MCP Chimney and Masonry Inc. — Is Your Chimney Ready for a Damascus Winter?

MCP Chimney and Masonry Inc. — Is Your Chimney Ready for a Damascus Winter?

Winters in Damascus and the surrounding areas can bring an unpredictable mix of weather. From unseasonal warmth and rain to frigid temperatures accompanied by heavy snow, you’ll want a chimney that’s able to withstand Maryland winters.

A thorough chimney inspection will give you the peace of mind that your Damascus chimney is prepared for the elements. Chimney inspections are crucial to identifying any issues that could put your family in harm’s way.

There are different levels of chimney inspections that are performed by MCP Chimney and Masonry service technicians.

Level 1

Level 1 inspections are designed for chimneys and fireplaces continuing as they always have, burning the same fuel under the same conditions. During a level 1 inspection, service technicians will examine the readily accessible portions of the chimney’s exterior and interior, and the appliance and chimney connections.

The technician will be looking for basic soundness of the structure and flue, ensuring the chimney is free from any obstructions and deposits. A level 1 inspection is included in every MCP Chimney and Masonry cleaning service.

Level 2

Level 2 inspections include all work performed in a level 1 inspection, but expands the inspection to accessible portions of the chimney in attics, crawl spaces, and basements. It also will address proper clearances from combustibles in accessible locations.

Level 2 inspections should be conducted when there are any changes made to the system, including changes in fuel (i.e. from wood burning to gas) or the installation of a new flue liner. A level 2 inspection also is recommended after any suspected damage to the chimney, whether from fire, storms or otherwise.

Level 3

Level 3 inspections are the most intrusive and designed for situations where hazards are suspected in areas of the chimney not readily accessible. Service technicians performing level 3 inspections might be required to use special tools to access concealed areas of the chimney or flue. Removal of areas of the chimney will likely be necessary in a level 3 inspection to reach areas needed to make your chimney safe.

In addition to having your chimney inspected, a chimney cleaning will make sure your chimney is ready for the Damascus winter. A thorough cleaning will remove creosote from your chimney; a by-product of burning that adheres to the interior of your chimney and can catch on fire in intense heat, potentially spreading throughout your home.

MCP Chimney and Masonry can conduct these recommended cleanings and any level of inspection on your chimney to ensure it can withstand a Maryland winter. Your safety is our concern and our thorough chimney inspections and cleaning will assure you that your chimney will operate efficiently this winter.

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